The chairman of the NGO spoke at the OSCE: “Maybe we shall develop a new mechanism”

In Vienna, 8-10 October 2018, the OSCE Headquarters hosted the Second Summit on “Promotion of Human Rights, Joint Living and Security in the OSCE region.” Sabuhi Abbasov, chairman of the Azerbaijan-Slavic Youth Association, Internet media expert, noted the need for new mechanisms for promoting human rights: “Dear and valuable colleagues! I listened carefully to the thoughts, approaches of the speakers who acted before me. Quite important points were touched upon, many significant offers were given. All of them are good and necessary for the next stage. But let’s stay on one point. Which efficient mechanism were we able to apply in connection with the propaganda of human rights, coexistence and security issues today? Today rights of millions of people are violated for the sake of just political and economic interests all over the world. The great powers carry out military operations serving for their own personal interests under the conception of “safe world” over the last 10 years. How it can be applied the safe coexistence model in the background of all these processes? In many cases we do not have a look to the history or draw a conclusion from events occurred in the history. We can be insured from the next disasters by analyzing the historical mistakes again. Maybe we shall develop a new mechanism, maybe shall involve civil society to this process from different aspect”

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